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Since 1969 and then

Aba Ali Habib Securities (Pvt) Ltd

Aba Ali Habib Securities (Pvt) Ltd (AAHS) is a TREC (Trading Rights Entitlement Certificate) of Pakistan Stock Exchange, Pakistan Mercantile Exchange & Registered Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. AAHS commenced its operations in 1969 and since then has been accommodating its institutional, HNIs and retail clients efficiently. The company’s objective is to become leading firm by capitalizing on management’s expertise and expeditious magnification of Financial Industry. AAHS is an expeditiously growing firm of Pakistan Stock Exchange with Total assets of over PKR 1.15 billion and total equity of PKR 967.7 million as of financial close of FY2022. Our Net Capital Balance is PKR 646.3 million. Company’s sound risk management availed it operate smoothly even in financial crisis at different times.

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How We Work

Company Vision


    We are dedicated to provide services, products and strategic thinking that meet our clients’ needs. We believe that meaningful partnerships with our clients will lead to successful outcomes.


    Our aim is to be the leading securities company and to achieve clients’ trust by prioritizing honesty, integrity, and targeting their investment goals.


    Our financial professionals keep abreast of the latest developments in the economy and constantly analyze the best investment options tailored to each of our client’s requirements.


Our Services

In this market segment, investors can trade in securities in lots which are less than normal/ regular lots (500 shares). The minimum number of shares that can be traded is 1. Settlement takes place in T+2 days.

Commodity brokerage service provided by AAH Securities offers trading opportunities to customers at Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) – online commodity exchange of Pakistan.

Our research disciplines include fundamental research, quantitative research, economic research and technical forecasting. Our team of analysts develop tools to increase the likelihood of clients’ success. We believe that research is essential to delivering better outcomes for clients.

Fixed income securities include Corporate Debt securities/ bonds and Government Debt securities/ bonds. These bonds are investment products that provide a return in the form of fixed periodic payments as mark-up and the eventual return of principal.